It was a good day.  Let me count the ways....

1.  I slept for 4 solid hours without waking up.
2.  I was able to save my hair, do a doo for work with it without having to wash it.
3.  The sky remained relatively blue with no rain today (it's monsoon season in Arizona).
4.  I ate something slightly different for lunch and it agreed with my finicky digestive system - pb on a tortilla shell with agave nectar barely drizzled on it.
5.  I laughed more than my normal amounts of laughing today.  Everything and everyone around me was on and funny today. Of course, I was the funniest:)
6.  I only said two swear words at drivers on my way to work today and raged at a much lower level than normal. 
7.  I forgot my running shoes in my gym bag for after work which forced me not to run which probably helped my two sore knees have a hiatus from my biking craziness last night.
8.  I didn't have to stop and put gas in the car today (I hate pausing to pump gas!).
9.  I didn't have to make a run to the grocery store for even one ingredient for the food I was making for company tomorrow night.
10. I talked to my daughter on the phone.
11. I texted my daughter today - she too was witty:)
12. I talked about God with someone today.
13. I didn't have to make dinner tonight - leftovers were just enough.
14. I got an envelope in the mail from my mom with both hometown newspapers in it and 3 pictures of the home place, the farm I grew up on and my parents still live on.  It made my heart soar to see it visually.
15.  I got a check in the mail I wasn't expecting.
16.  Doug cleaned up the kitchen after I made a mess cooking.
17.  I went for a walk holding hands with Doug after work (way better than running!).
18.  My friend sent me a belated birthday package today with her signature novel written in a circular pattern around the entire interior of the card.  It made me roar in laughter and reminded me how she came into my life and why I love her so much! It had her yearly illustrations in it  - us on our smart planet (population 2 she said), her with boobs and me lifting weights.  She also sent me a book entitled, Dear Asshole - 101 tear out letter to the morons who muck up your life.  She knows what makes me tick.
19.  I talked to my oldest sister after not hearing her voice for awhile.  I miss her and love her.
20.  I talked to my middle sister for a brief moment.  I miss her and love her.
21.  I caught my fresh pineapple upside down cake bubbling over on the oven and cleaned it up before I had a monster mess.
22.  I watered my new patio table plant which was wilted low and a few minutes later I witnessed the wonderful healing perky power of water.
23.  I did not see a spider in the house alive today.
24.  I got junk mail from a place I have never gotten junk mail from before and it was actually a site I perused online to check out their products.
25.  Doug stopped in at my office and I got to peer into his steely blue eyes, long eyelashes and take in his beautiful silver hair.
26.  The plum in my lunch was just the perfect ripeness and sweetness.
27.  I was able to get yet another tooth brushing out of that squished tube of Tom's toothpaste.
28.  I ate peanut butter twice today.
29.  I drove to work sun roof all the way back, early morning air blowing my unwashed hair, sunlight cast in the blue sky with mountains framing it all.
30.  I was able to work and function, unlike other rough physical times in my life.
31.  Someone said I had a great smile today with great teeth (I have a very crooked smile and a Lauren Bacall gap in my front teeth!).
32.  Three people called me sweetie or sweetheart today (excluding Doug) and I didn't want to eat them alive for dinner.
33.  I wore my favorite shoes today.
34.  I asked God to be present in our kids' lives and knew overwhelmingly He was and would be.
35.  I talked to my Aunt Dee today.  She makes me smile deep inside.

36.  My Aunt thought I was 44 and when I told her I was 47 she said, "You don't
look 47!".
37.  Doug said I was beautiful yet again today and that he loved being married to me.
38.  I get to be married to Doug.
39.  We have three great daughters.
40.  I drank coffee tinted a light tan.

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