If you don't know by now, or aren't privy to knowing me in real life outside the words in this blog, I hate stores.  I do not like to shop for anything really at any time, even groceries.  Stuff, things and even necessities of life [ie, toilet paper, Kleenex, soap, food, etc] are a drain to my energy.  Since I operate on a lower supply than some, I get frustrated over having to shop and waste what I do have on that. 

If you ask me to go to the store with you, I will tell you no.  I don't want to run to the store with you.  It's like fingernails on a chalkboard, the relentless screams of a colicky baby, feet in the stirrups of my yearly OBGYN appointment, getting a root canal sort of I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE STORE WITH YOU!  Going to the store with a shopper when they are in charge of driving is like having the border patrol finding drugs on you - you are going to be detained indefinitely!

Energy to me is like a precious metal, a priceless painting - I guard what I do have with great defensiveness.  What I do have I want to use for things that get me from the point I am now, to the things that I have a great desire to get to.  Shopping is a roadblock, it's lag time.  It's a waste of the energy I need to move forward in my relentless pursuit of things I have passion for.  Shopping for anything is not my idea of time and energy well spent.  I am open to the possibility that it might be yours.  Though that just seems so illogical to me.

If I do have to shop, I want it done quickly.  That is a little harder to do living where we do now.  As our youngest daughter said, "It takes forever to get anywhere and then when you get there where is the stuff!"  She is very correct.  So on top of the dreaded shopping that has to be done from time to time, the time involved is multiplied by the drive and the hunt for the items you need in a limited supply market.

Some of you are thinking, "Why doesn't she order stuff online?"  Online is still shopping.  It's a store on my computer screen that involves me perusing online STORES for the item needed, comparing prices, filling out mailing and billing information, and then running the risk of it not being what I really thought it was since I didn't hold it with my hands before I ordered it.  Online shopping sucks time away too, just minus the drive!

Shopping is painful enough for me but it is compounded immensely if something has to be returned.  I desperately want the product, the thing I've purchased, to work as it is intended - to fit the environment or purpose I need it to the first time I bring it home. 

The off brand sandwich ziplock bags I recently purchased do not work as intended.  The thought of having to take them back for poor quality feels like walking uphill carrying a 70 pound boat anchor.  I believe a company should be held responsible for the shoddy products they produce.  I so hate stores though that I am probably going to let them off the hook for their sub-par product.  Instead, I will continue to fly through the box of 100 with every other bag ripping when they are unzipped.  [Note to self:  spend the extra cents and buy name brand in the world of zippered sandwich bags or be prepared to return the crappy ones or throw your money away]. 

There is such a lack of shopping and stores here that I resorted to entering a K-Mart.  That is where I believe I purchased the now sub-par zippered sandwich bags.  Yet another reason that K-Mart is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and is out of touch with the culture!  It is the second product I have purchased there since arriving in the wild west that was malfunctioning.  The first item I returned.  But then again it cost more than the $2.29 bag of 100 zippered sandwich bags.  What is my dollar return minimum?

Stores are my own form of Superman's kryptonite.  I can feel them sucking the life, the energy, the ability to accomplish the stuff I really want to do every time I have to shop for some item.  Maybe I was born in the wrong period in time.  Possibly I would have done well being an early settler where going to town was a rarity and supplies were bought in bulk, bartered for or just gone without.

I'm trying to think of things I can go without.  Toilet paper is not one of those things!

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