I hate when people have to take credit for things.  Understandably books have a credited author, movies have a credited director, inventions have an inventor, discoveries have a discoverer, music has a song writer, ideas have a thinker upper.  There is usually someone who is credited for the product or piece or resolution - a creator of sorts. 

Created is used loosely in that context because it's really re-created.  There really is nothing "new" that hasn't been thought before, done before to some level, said, penned, etc.  We merely are conduits of what has already been created and we re-create, re-discover, re-explore, and re-declare it to the world. 

I giggle sometimes over our pompous selves.  Me included.  I coin a witty way of saying something and feel smug that I nailed it.  But what it really boils down to is I say what you already think and feel.  I don't create something new, I re-create what's in your head and heart.  My words merely put your thoughts into spellable definable words. 

Maybe partly I hate when people have to take credit for something in a very public show-boaty sort of way because it inserts self ahead of even the idea, the product, the end result.  It's usually some altruistic not needing to be human-man-handled solution, idea or thing that someone wants to claim ownership and original creation for.  I want to slug them.

Peace is not a new concept in our world.  It's a hard fought one at times, but the desire for it is as old as time itself.  I giggled a bit this week over President Obama (I would say the same if President Bush had said it too.  This isn't a political party thing but a human thing.).  At Russia's urging and suggesting that Syria should turn in their nuclear weapons to the U.N., President Obama said that he and Mr. Putin had discussed that plan in many previous meetings.  I should hope PEACE is always a topic but to take credit for it is a bit ridiculous.

Whether we want credit to boost our ego, need outward affirmation for a lack we have inside, are fully narcissistic in our thinking or are covering or deflecting for a gaping insecurity we have, we don't need to take credit for suggesting PEACE!  The end result is what matters in our altruisticness, not who gets credited as brokering or authoring it.  We don't create peace, we hope for it, suggest it, facilitate it and pray for it.  God created it long ago.

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