I am pretty sure I like some strange things.  For instance, I like the show "Bonanza".  Google it if you're too young to know about Hoss, Little Joe and the Cartwright family.  It's what I watch much of the time while putting in the miles on the treadmill at the gym.  I've wondered if people around me are giggling.  I really don't care because the Cartwright family helps me forget that I am running on a belt while staring straight ahead without the scenery changing around me.

I like quiet too.  Now I'm not talking about monk vow of silence sort of quiet or even library shhhh quiet.  I do though recharge by quiet times.  That's really funny when I think about it because I am far far from shy or introverted.  Just the opposite.  Chaos, crowds, and noise bog me down.  Quiet brings calm, time to think, to breath, to be.  Possibly strange to you.

Pushing myself past comfortable to a bit of pain is a bit of a strange like of mine.  I want to feel what I have done.  That means whether it's exercise, projects, workload, intensity of living..... I want to feel the abs burn, the legs ache a bit, the mind be stretched, and the heart get enlarged.  A bit of pain is a reminder of being alive.  I like having the choice to push myself to that point.

I like fast.  I drive fast because I think the space between point A and B is meant to covered in the shortest amount of time possible.  I think fast so I love when books, movies and people do too.  Maybe it's a bit of a conquering spirit, but to be fast is just a huge adrenaline rush.  Would that mean I am my own drug?

I like raw things to eat.  My husband asked me today why I eat salad everyday. I had to think about why I like crunchy in raw form things.  It speaks to my minimalistic, clean freak, unadorned ways I suppose.  Some like big butts [as the song says].  I, like crunchy rawish things.  To several readers out there, this is way strange. 

I like clean.  I once told an interviewer, who hired me later, in response to his question about whether I liked a clean work environment, that I was at that moment fighting the urge to jump across the desk and scrub him down with bleach!  Good thing he didn't take that in a kinky and sexual way!!  It was my humorous and outrageous approach to that question that I'm sure got me hired!  I do though like bleach, spic and span, vinegar, soap, dust rags and Windex. 

I like water.  I mean I really like to drink water.  It's my drink of choice and pretty much always has been.  Nothing like a glass of ice cold water.  It quenches my thirst and hits the spot more than anything else.  Strange, huh?

I like that this year I saw there is a National No-Bra day.  It's about time one of my likes becomes a national thing.

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