After our 8 mile 1200 foot vertical climb up and 1200 foot vertical hike back down and church Saturday night, I woke up early Sunday.  My body was a bit stiff.  I decided a run couldn't possibly make it worse.  Even if it did, I had to go out in nature yet again.  The pull to the outdoors was bigger than me like usual.  My restlessness is always quelled by the unboundaried bigness of creation.

Fall has hit Arizona.  Though the once  5:00 a.m. sunrises now happen around 6:00 a.m., fall has ushered in cool nights and mornings.  Temps have been as low as 35 degrees in the early morning hours before the sun peeks from beyond the mountains to the east.  Sunday morning was cold as I checked Accuweather before heading out the door to run - 34 degrees.  

34 degrees here is not the same as 34 degrees back home in Indiana.  There is a vast difference in humidity and moisture in the air.  I will spare you the cliché of it's a dry heat (or cold).  Here one can easily go out in 34 degrees to run in shorts and a long sleeved shirt because the air is just not as damp.  I decided on shorts, a micro thin long sleeved shirt, shoes with no socks and gloves.

It seemed a bit strange to wear gloves in Arizona on October 6th with my legs exposed, but I was about warmth not looks at 6:00 a.m.  My hands have problems with cold and I wasn't up to having them hurt so bad I would writhe in pain upon re-entering the warmth of the house.  Off I went out of our housing development to the north towards Nipple Mountain and past the church that sits out in the middle of nowhere.  I had the outdoors all to myself that time of day on a Sunday morning.  How could others be inside missing this majesty of beauty and quietness!

There it was again - this magnificent backdrop of nature all around me.  It was not lost on me.  As I ran I thought about how God must be massively in to nature because He made so much of it.  He must love to create, to paint, to sculpt, to write music that lies in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.  I thanked Him for giving me glimpses of pieces of Himself through the voice that I hear the loudest - creation.

When anyone of us gets to operate in our love zone we are like an engine that hums.  Whether that is in relationships with others, in our careers, in our endeavors, or simply in our pleasures, it is a sweet spot.  I think it's the place where God intended for us to be all along.

I had been in my sweet spot all weekend.  I had gotten lost in nature Saturday and Sunday.  I had pushed my body physically which makes me feel alive.  I had gotten to be with the man I love.  I had heard some great music and a new slant on a principle of God at church, took time to just be and felt my engine hum.

Never mind my legs were sore.  It was worth it.

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  1. one word = UGH! Clean binders is my love language!