Babies are great.  Think about the wonder, the creativity, the awesomeness of God's creation in this new life that is now living in the outside-out-of-the-womb world.  In that new person is a whole life that God has in store for them.  Everything lies before them. 

Babies are really pretty durable too for not having muscle control or full motor functions.  The birth process they go through to enter the physical outer world is both astonishing and marvelous and brutal and painful.  It's funny how we say the mom looks tired and wiped out after birth but declare an infant squeezed through the birth canal for hours or pulled through an abdominal opening looks beautiful. One of those statements is fully true and one is colored just a bit.

I suppose we say a newborn, fresh from birth, is beautiful because life itself is beautiful. The realization of new life makes physical appearance appear beautiful even if it isn't exactly. It is beyond looks that creates real beauty.

Our local newspaper has a birth section daily.  Above the small blurb denoting the child's name, dimensions, date/time of birth, and parent's names is a mug shot of the baby.  It is exactly that; a poor quality picture taken up close at only their head.  This photo is taken by the hospital and provided to the newspaper.  I should hope their medical knowledge and expertise is far greater than their digital camera experience. 

The picture of each child's head is roughly 2 1/4" high by 2" wide.  It is taken the day they are born which could account for the looks of most of the infants.  I know if you took a shot of me that consisted of a zoom in on just my face my looks too would appear distorted.  If you also took a picture of me after a long hard difficult day I wouldn't look my personal best either.  A little bit of distance, some good lighting, the right angle make all the difference in a photograph.  Just look at the cover of any magazine if you are questioning that! 

Once in awhile there is a baby that truly is beautiful, pretty or handsome - whatever you say about a good looking newborn.  But, that is not the norm by in large.  I think we grow into our good looks.

There is also a whole new batch of names out in the world.  Names like; Aiden, Asher, Zuri, Nova, Kinsey, Hudson, Deaglan, Broderick, Sage, Dalainee, Jovie.  I read the births daily.  It reminds me that God continues to create specific life in each of those names. It's what He is really about - loving the things He creates.

Our fourth grandchild was born on September 27th.  He was 6 weeks early and weighed in at 4 pounds 9 ounces.  His first time parents named him Mason Keenan.  And, without a doubt he is a beautiful baby:)  He seems to already have made a point in his newborn picture too. [Mason Keenan - right photo]

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