I never wore slippers until last Christmas.  I have though spent years ridiculing and generally hassling [in good nature and mostly to hear her giggle] my oldest sister, Jeanne, for her many layers of clothing she wears indoors in cold weather.  There has been ne're a cool to cold weather holiday gathering or birthday celebration where Jeanne has not been bundled up like a homeless woman seemingly wearing all they own layer upon layer.

I start sweating just looking at her.  I head right toward hyperventilation at the thought of wearing as many layers of shirts as she does at the same time.  I might collectively wear 4 shirts in the span of 4 days.  She wears 16 in a 4 day period.  Maybe it's a bit of the claustrophobia that I struggle with that presents itself in what I will not wear.

I will NOT wear turtlenecks, cowl necks, too high of necklines on t-shirts, pull over hooded sweatshirts that are too constricting in the neckline, decorative drappie scarves, shirts over stop of other shirts unless the one closest to my skin is a cami and/or I ditch the bra to eliminate bondage and a layer.  Not Jeanne.  She wears 2-3 shirts, a loopy-do scarf, a big sweater, heavy socks and slippers.  Mind you she looks great even though you can't see one piece of skin on her!

Jeanne's slippers come with her to every cool weather family gathering.  I would imagine, based on her public clothing style, that her bed time pj attire would send me into a full out night sweat!  I see flannel, socks, and a heating blanket for her.  I, on the other hand, utilize the ceiling fan on high, arms outside the covers, the window open a crack, my right leg peeking out of blankets to create a balance between the warm covers and the cool air of the room, and nothing touching the sheets except skin. 

People change though.  My never wear slipper stance changed last Christmas when Doug bought me a pair of slippers.  I laughed at first when I opened them knowing he knows of my position on slippers and had bought them for me anyway.  Why would someone do that? 

Our house back in the Midwest had beautiful original 1954 oak floors. And, since I do not wear socks [inside the house or even in shoes in the dead of winter], he knew that I would benefit from the ease of slip on slippers.  He was spot on!   I slipped them on Christmas Day last year and fell in love with their warmth and softness.  If my feet got too toasty, I just tossed them off.  Freedom!

Fast forward to Arizona, my new digs.  We put tile throughout the whole house except the bedrooms.  It coolness felt great when it was 90 degrees here.  It doesn't feel as great when I get up at 5:30 to traipse to the kitchen to make coffee and the temps have dropped to 34 degrees outside. No basement and cold nights make my slippers imperative.  I pull on my sweat pants and shirt and slip my feet into my gray slippers before I head across that cool tile.  I don't like socks and slippers. That is just too damn many layers.  I just don't like being totally constrained!  Toe socks are definitely not an option for me either.

I have turned into Jeanne, at least in the slipper category.  I actually packed my gray slippers when I flew back to the Midwest recently.  Had I forgot them, my sister probably could have loaned me a pair.  I saw her when I was home.... she was clad in multiple shirt layers, a scarf, big thick socks and slippers.   She looked hot, in both ways.

You will not though ever see me at Walmart in PJ bottoms (don't own any) and slippers.  Slippers are for warmth, not because you're too lazy to wear real shoes.

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