I sat impatiently in the waiting room of a new medical facility once again.  My hatred for most things medical was already welling up in me.  [What was it about this whole world of medicine that made me want to run the opposite way?]  Oh I knew exactly why I had such a dislike for the world of medicine - it was a reminder of dark times in my life.  Impatience and medical things are like a hand and glove to me - one just goes with the other!

Though not negating the importance of mammograms, I just didn't want to start over again with another doctor, another facility - people who had no medical history with me.  I didn't want to explain the clip marker inside my left breast if they hadn't already gotten my previous mammograms and pathology reports from back home.  I also didn't like the fact that I couldn't wear deodorant today or perfume, both of which make me feel more hygienically put together when at work.  One has to think that if aluminum from deodorant messes up the mammogram results it can't be good for our own body systems either!  Deodorant is one toxin I need!
I am never uptight about baring my breasts to be handled like a slab of hamburger by a technician I don't know.  She has the same parts and pieces I do. I am just not overly self-conscious about nudity.  There was though a certain measure of giggling that occurred in my head. I had made homemade bread this week. That woman kneaded my boobs just like I had done to the bread dough!  I had reverted back to my junior high school thoughts.
She had great perspective on boobs - one would if you saw the volume she did.  And, if it were not for time constraints, or the fact that she could possibly lose her job if she took my line of inquisitional boob questions too far, I would have most definitely pushed the envelope further with more humor and the quest for greater knowledge.
As she pulled my barely there A cups to a position under the plexiglas that pinched a rib, took your breath away [which was convenient as you have to momentarily hold your breath as the film gets taken] and made me realize boobs are really a bit like silly putty, she said, "I must say that I would much rather have someone in here with barely there, very small breasts - like yours, than a woman with huge ones.   If I walk in the room and see a woman with huge boobs that are coming right at me I want to run out of the room!"  I thanked her for her vote of confidence in us, the small busted women.
I must say it was one of only a handful of times in my life, since growing a pair of boobs of my own, that I had been declared the preferential winner over the large busted gals!  My cleavaged friend Big D would never believe this!   Society doesn't paint that picture.  The porn industry or Hooters don't promote the barely theres as winners ever!  Quite possibly I will now love my yearly mammogram.

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