I despise most shiny things.  It is across the board in all categories that shininess can be found that I abhor its reflective brightness; light fixtures, faucets, door knobs, hinges, handles, decorations, clothing, accessories.  I hate bang dangled, glittery, faux looking, sparkly, or bejeweled anything. 

My very simply adorned home
I also highly dislike butterfly anything as well.  Though a dear friend once gave me a butterfly pendant necklace for Christmas.  When she read something I had written later in this very blog, she realized I hated butterflies and laughed at the irony of her giving me one.  She tried to force me to give it back stating she would get me something else.  Nope!  It is now a hysterically funny keepsake from a friend.

There are those that literally gravitate to rhinestones, flash, glitz and sparkle.  I am not one of them.  I prefer natural, earth toned, subtle, blend in with nature types of style.  And, I prefer that across the board in all categories, Christmas decorations included.

When I walked into my husband Doug's house for the first time, 3 days after meeting him, it was just a few days post-Christmas.  His house was beautifully decorated to the hilt - everything matched, and everything was shiny, glitzy, sparkly on his Christmas tree.  Now I can appreciate beauty even if it's not a style of my own personal preference.  I wondered what kind of man would; a) decorate that well - seemingly so professionally, and b) decorate to that extreme when he was living alone. I was single as well but only had a bowl of Christmas balls [brought at Goodwill for $2] on the dining room table and a 2' lighted tree with no ornaments on it adorning the corner of my dining room.  Good enough for me!

The first Christmas we were married he put all his decorations and tree up in what had been my house when I was single.  The color matched beautifully.  It was stunning.  And, it was shiny.  Shininess makes me cringe a bit from afar.  Up close it makes me just simply squeamish.  It was like something out of a magazine - just not my style.

With the holidays approaching after our move to Arizona, Doug noted that our Christmas decorations - his decorations I might add - did not fit the style of our new house or the color scheme.  He declared new decorations needed to be bought.  Though I agreed with his ascertain of style and color conflict, Christmas decorations are the VERY LAST thing I ever want to spend money on.  I didn't really decorate much for Christmas in my previous to Doug life and it seemed a bit of a waste of time, energy and money.  But since I love him and know he LOVES decorating at Christmas, I acquiesced.

Nancy's tree this year!
I obliged his decorating penchant, that is until he started piling the cart with shiny craps, glitzy doo-dads and sparkly hangie things.  This would now require I assert myself into Christmas decorating, which I hated, to ensure no more shiny craps made their way to the tree.  I told him that since he had our first two Christmas' under his decorating belt, it was my turn.  He struggled a bit to unleash his Father Christmas hold on the style of decorations, but finally gave me a season pass.  I chose natural colors [surprise!], muted colors, burlap ribbon to create a natural outdoor looking treeI wanted to bring nature inside since that is where I feel most comfortable.

Just yesterday, after having the tree up since before Thanksgiving, he walked by it, turned and said, "Nancy, I'm so glad I talked you out of shiny tree decorations.  This tree is beautiful:)"

We boxed up Doug's shiny blue and white fancy ornaments and mailed them to my sister Diane for her to use in their family room.  None of them got broke in shipping. Damn it.

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