Saturday, as I changed the sheets, cleaned the bathroom and took apart the portable baby bed we borrowed for the kids' visit last week, I thought about Christmas.  I was feeling a bit sad that they had gone home.  My thoughts and spirit wondered when I would see them again in the flesh, how old Mason would be the next time I laid eyes on him, how much he would change in that time period.  I was missing all our kids, siblings, parents, friends . . . 
I fought back tears knowing I was separated by 1800 miles from those I loved.  My heart's desire was to be physically near them, to touch them, to interact on a daily basis in their every day lives with them.  I felt the distance, the separation deeply.
It dawned on me...Christmas was all about that - God not being able to stand being separated from us because of our humanity.  That's why God sent His Son, Jesus, to literally be born human - to be physically near us, to connect to our everyday lives.  To bridge the 1800 miles so to speak. 
To be honest, I feel a bit disconnected this holiday season.  I am far away from my familiar culture and from those I love deeply.  If it were possible, I would bridge that gap, erase the disconnectedness - that is, if I could.  Even a visit was only temporary and left me out of the loop of their lives on a daily/regular basis.
This Christmas I am so grateful that God bridged time to connect to the people He loved by giving up something else He loved greatly, His son - Jesus.  He erased the space and distance between heaven and earth through the birth of Jesus.  A visit wasn't enough.  God had to find a permanent way to be with us.
I identify with that desire to be with those we love.

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  1. Miss you too, my friend:( Merry Christmas....