I don't like meetings of pretty much any kind - sales meetings, staff meetings, committee meetings, training meetings, meetings in general.  They are just too wordy, repetitive and slow for me.  There is always that one person who bogs things down.  I say bog yourself down not a group and don't hold me captive while you do it.  Sometimes meetings are all about the presenter and their egos and not about those in attendance.

While Doug was teaching me how to play Cribbage for the first time I was soaking up all his verbal explanations.  I am a highly visual learner.  Highly.  So how I listen and interpret words is like a chalk artist in a courtroom.  In my head I turn what I hear into a picture where I can see it.  Strange probably, but it works for me.

I am also not the greatest with long explanations or round about answers.  That just doesn't play well with the quickness of how fast I process.  Note I said I process fast, that doesn't always equate to intelligence!  Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs I am not. 

My Intel chip was racing in my mind and Doug was taking way too long to explain the game.  To his defense, I'm sure since I had never played it he was attempting to bring me on board slow.  That was his first mistake.   I don't need every last detail necessarily of anything, just the bones and I can usually fill in the details from there.  It's like putting the entire edge of a puzzle together first.

I tried to be patient, though not a card carrying virtue of mine.  When I could take no longer the speed and bogged down detailed way in which he was describing the game to me, I said, "Babe, I just need this question answered ..."   He clearly knows from numerous conversations regarding my engineering way of thinking, stories I have shared with him, and just living with me that I only want the question answered that I ask.  That is why I ask that specific one.  I have the rest figured out in the puzzle. 

He didn't answer my question directly, but instead went the long way around the barn.  I stopped him once to say, "I only want the answer to the question I asked!" He stated that he was getting to it but thought I needed to know the things leading up to it. 

My chalk drawing, my picking up the last puzzle piece to complete the puzzle came to a screeching halt.  I was a hungry shark now circling the boat for my piece of meat. "DOUG!" I said with passion, "I only need the answer to that question and that question only.  I have it figured out except for that one thing.  Answer the damn question!" 

He tells the story to people all the time and laughs at it. He's seen me very bluntly do it to others when they get off course in getting to answering my question.  He likes to tell the story a bit more dramatic than it occurred.  But he gets how my mind works, loves it even when I am direct.  In fact, he says that's why he fell in love with me.  Refreshing indeed!

Yesterday, after 2 hours into an all day meeting I had to self talk myself down from the ledge. I was unsuccessful and felt like a balloon ready to pop! [I want to learn.  I want to learn though things I don't know.  I don't want to sit here and hear the same thing drawn out, repeated, made into more than it needs to be.  Filling 7 hours because you have to fill it doesn't mean you've accomplished anything. In fact, that's counter productive!  Give me the new stuff, get to it and move on. Why do I have to be like this?  Am I the only one who feels like they want to stand up and scream?  I really do not like myself at these sorts of things.  I think I am allergic to them. Yeah that's it.  I have an allergy and should never have to be in a meeting again unless it serves a real purpose of information and change or motivation..  This is none of those! ...] 

I was the kid sitting there gazing out the window waiting for the bell to ring to escape to recess. 

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