KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (referring to myself)

I mused about in my head about random things.  I was wistful for simpler times.  A life without so much junk mail.  Food without preservatives and additives.  Medical deductibles that aren't as high as a used car. Porn that could only be accessed if you had the courage to drive to a physical location and risk having your car recognized by someone driving by.  A world devoid of being connected to every other person, place or thing at any given time for any and every reason known to mankind and those yet still undiscovered.

Innovation and technology have always been cloaked in the guise of progress and speed.  I like speed.  Ask most that know me.  I drive fast, think fast, react fast and generally move fast.  That appeals to me one would think.  The speed of progress on all fronts is supposed to enhance our lives.  It has though brought with it a cost, a re-occurring fee - frenetic activity both outwardly and inwardly.  Sometimes I feel pushed, pulled, obliged to it. 

The onslaught to our receptors can't keep up with the speed of innovation.   System overload at times.  Similarly my body responds to running only to a point.  It responds eventually by hitting a wall to max speed or endurance, even weight loss from it.  Sometimes, to get results, I have to change the speed, the length, the number of runs to counteract that negative to get back to a positive place with it.  I trick my body. 

I need to trick my mind sometimes too. I have to pull back and remember what is vital, what is lasting, what I have to have to survive, what I can live without, what steals my peace, what innovation's tricks do to unearth my Zen.  Then I sometimes just scream STOP, snug it back a little tighter, reorder things and retreat from the synaptic bombardments.
I think there is a yet to be named, but probably known disorder, that is on the rise culturally from too much stimuli, just too much cacophony from every direction.  We are seeing the effects of social media on the youngest of generations.  It is affecting speech and social interactions which will quite certainly unleash a whole new band wagon of cultural issues, educational crisis' and behavioral hurdles.
I do it to myself as well.  It is built into us now to shop online, which we think saves time.  But, in doing so I find myself spending inordinate amounts of time surfing through endless sites scouring for the best deal on the product I am seeking; best shipping, best rating as a company, best price, etc...  Time is sucked away before I know it in my quest to conquer the web for that brand and style of running shoes I'm addicted to. 
That synapse bombardment ticks me off much of the time.  Couple that with the "democratic westernized" system we live in, and we are saturated constantly with things that don't bring lasting pertinent value.  Things that cause us not to cultivate personal growth or foster real relationships more than activity or selfishness (our base nature + the influences of innovation and culture). 

I was reminded of simple today in a conversation with someone who understands those with Downs Syndrome.  They refreshed my spirit with their words, "They are single minded, present and content."  Quite possibly that's the key to the bombardment of our synapse by the culture we live in.

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