There are so many forms of language.  Quite a number of avenues to communicate both the verbal and the non-verbal.  A palate available to best suit the person you are communicating with.  I have certain favorite colors in my own palate.  You probably do too, even if you aren't consciously aware of it.  Maybe now you will be even more aware of what lies just at your fingertips.

Forms of communications are a like a box of crayons.  Different situations, different desired results require a different crayon.  That is, if you care about maximizing your message of whatever to whomever.

I get a kick out of little kids drawings.  Some will stay very traditional in what colors they use; the sun will be yellow, grass will be green, Santa's suit will be red.  Other kids see it different and they use non-traditional colors for things; the grass is pink, the sky is green, water is purple, Santa is blue.  I'm a bit drawn to those non-traditional interpretations of traditional things. 

When anyone can think outside the box of expected to unexpected, to hidden and possibly magical, I get excited.  It doesn't matter the venue; manufacturing, medicine, marketing, church, business, relationships and communication - connecting deeply with others involves outside the box.  How do I deliver whatever it is to them to make them feel authenticated, valued, that I am real, my product is life-changing?  And, then how do I leave them feeling after they have interacted with my marketing, my product, my delivery-system?

That got me thinking about colors in general this week.  I extended those thoughts to style in general.  What makes a person gravitate to brightly colored clothes, or patterns, or neutrals?  What drives a person to pick out a certain color of paint for their walls?  Is there though, one universal thing in all of us?  And, if there is, what is it?  How do you find that commonality in humanity with all our likes/ dislikes and differentiations from one another, and then how does one bridge it?

I'm not sure there is only one answer, one way.  But validation of the person is a key.  Marketers validate the need for their product to a consumer - they show the need they have and how they can fill it.  That's why we buy it:)  Not to reduce religion down to a formula, because God is outside formulas.  But the same is true of why we choose religion - it validates in a huge way our unmet need of community, something bigger than ourselves.  God shows us we have a need that only He can fill - it validates the feelings and thoughts and completes something.

How I communicate, what crayon  I use in my crayon box when coloring with you is pretty important if I want you to feel validated.  And, I should want to you leave better than I found you - which is what validation does to each of us.  I want my crayon color to allow your color to be brighter or offset mine.   

That is unless you are a narcissist or your name is Buffy:)

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