It seems as of late that I am surrounded by those that toot their own horn.  If that is hazy terminology, toot your own horn means; you are the marketer and conveyor of all things self to all those around you.  Simply put, you tell people in overt and self-absorbed ways that you are amazing.  You do it in first person tense and you do it unabashedly and constantly in very inappropriate ways.

If you have to constantly say your own bio to those you come in contact with you diminish your capability cred (credibility).  It's like being your own counsel, your own attorney, representing yourself as the defendant.  It mutes, negates, and cancels out the anything you are tooting about yourself. 

I am not speechless most of the time.  Loss for words is not a place that is familiar territory to me.  Need a quick comeback, an off the cuff or even perfect timing response, that would be me.  I actually flourish in those situations.  It is oxygen to me.  But, on several occasions recently I have literally found myself with the words sucked right inside.

Here's the deal; you are who you are.  We all are.  You don't need to brag and neon sign point to yourself about who you are.  It can be clearly seen by most people you come in contact with.  Now the issue becomes, is it that those horn tooters don't assume people are smart enough to pick up on their wit, intelligence, or traits that make them who they are without them telling you?  Or is there a root reason they "toot" - quite possibly to feel better about themselves or get validation from others?
Either way, it prickles me, saddens me, irritates me and down right disgusts me most of the time.  Who says about themselves to some one in conversation, "I am very smart, brilliant even, that's why I can get this concept more easily than others."  Who the hell says that out loud.  If I am brilliant, do I refer to myself that way even in my own head?  If I do, there is a bit of narcissism at play. 
Whatever I am and however aware I am of it, is it self-healthy to be overly conscious and consumed with it even inside my own head!  Now, that doesn't mean I think lowly or self-degrade myself.  Just the opposite, I know who I am, what my capabilities are and that alone gives me enough. 

Any spectacularness that I MAY have will be seen and/or discovered in your interactions with me, reading what I write, watching how I operate in real life.  I mean, though brilliant, the funniest person in my family and quicker than a herd of wild elephants, I don't have to keep telling you.  Or do I?

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