I am really not a potions and lotions sort of girl.  My beauty routine is relatively simple;  eyebrow pencil (I don't have many eyebrows so if I don't color em in a bit I look sickly), mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.  I slather my face in age defying (it's a marketing lie but I bit!) retinal A cream, layer it again with two other moisturizers and then finish up by dipping all the remaining skin on my body into a fifty gallon barrel of moisturizing cream. I am addicted to brushing my teeth.  But I never wash my face before bed.  Ever.  I'm just too damn lazy.   

I do though however read about anything I can get my hands on in regards to health trends when it concerns vitamins, food, disease research, theories, and bunk.  It is interesting to me.  I view the human body as amazing.  I whole heartily believe it was created by God to operate at optimal levels by learning it better.  I try to know my own.

I have a great relationship with my family physician.  He was a great support for me during my divorce and single period.  He not only cares about my health, but my life.  I am constantly throwing theories I read at him concerning my own health.  What does he think about this?  Could this be affecting this in my body?  He laughs at some, says there may be validity to many, and then reminds me that sometimes knowing will not change or remove the disease.  YES, I say.  Yes it changes something!  It changes my engineering mind from a pure state of wondering to knowing a piece of the puzzle.  I like to know.  Always I like to know.

Really, I should back up.  I'm not a potions and lotions sort of girl when it comes to beauty things.  I am though when it comes to health.  As my dad says, "You can eat well and run till the cows come home, you are still going to die someday!"  I tell him I don't want to rush it.

My potions problem is that there just isn't enough time to ingest all the minerals, supplements, vitamins or concoctions that would be beneficial.  I take a dirt product.  Yes, it has actual dirt in it for the beneficial enzymes soil holds. Read about it.  You take a very very small amount mixed  with water.  But because it tastes like pure dirt, I had to find a product to mix with it just to get it down [BTW, vast improvement in my digestion with this soil product.]  Since I have intolerances to a great many foods, I am overly conscious of what is in something - including the protein powder I wanted to mix with my soil.  Potions are costly, and time consuming!

When you have chronic auto immune health issues, your health becomes connected to all things.  External things affect it or exacerbate the malfunction of your precarious autoimmune system.  So, you try to limit those bombardments as much as possible.  I have been known to get a bit radical in my quest to feel better, do less damage to my internals, and live as healthy as I possibly can within a disease structure

To my dirt I add a protein powder.  It can't have much soy in it, no dairy, no food dyes, no artificial sweeteners, only a small amount of sugar, no whey, no gluten, or preservatives.  And, it has to taste good.  That becomes a virtual impossibility at times.  What am I going to sacrifice to get most of the things I want. 

My grandmother and great grandmother were vitamin-a-holics.  I can remember staying at their house and sitting at the breakfast table as my grandmother took a whole handful of vitamins with one swig of water.  Unfortunately I did not inherit that pill swallowing ability.  I still struggle to swallow one pill at a time. 

Once at an alternative health clinic in Mexico, I had to swallow 50 pills a day.  Panic would rise in me three times a day as I sat with a mountain of supplements and minerals in front of me designed to flood my system.  They sat in my stomach like a lump of clay.  Mostly I felt water logged as I had to consume huge amounts of water just to swallow a pill at a time.

I attacked my husband's high cholesterol with red rice yeast, niacin, flax seed oil, and vitamin d.  It came down 100 points.  He hates taking those 4 supplements a day, but he can't deny the results.  There can be great health benefits in potions. 

I want to find the root of anything in my body, mind or spirit.  I don't want to leave it in a compromised state.  If a natural potion can help, I'm all in!   You might think it's hogwash or bunk.  I say it's positive movement in the right direction, and hope. 

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