I thought about all things that make my spirit hum, my heart soar, my mind whirl, my senses sharp, my emotions full, my creativity buzz, and my intuition operate in full drive.  What takes me to that place or keeps me there? 

You gotta have passion for that thing
or you won't have the perseverance
 to see it through.
That was most definitely a true statement if there ever was one.  It was passion that drove the men and women on the pages of history.  The result of passion, of crazy won't let it go perseverance is why we have medical breakthroughs, pieces of art, music, discoveries in space and manufacturing, inventions that grace our lives, technology, the performing arts, literature, cinema, scientific research, professional sports and paid athletes, desegregation, architectural wonders, civil rights, and religious freedoms.  It's why we aren't an English colony and why we have a democratic way of life in general. 
Across every platform passion changed something, not just for the person who had the passion, but for everyone who came after them.  For us. Some were big sweeping across the board societal changes, others were subtle and became building blocks for others to expand on.  Some were not realized in that person's life fully but later, posthumously, they gained full recognition for what their passion had accomplished.
We are not all Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Emily Dickinson, Jonas Salk, Mahatma Gandhi, William Shakespeare, Hudson Taylor, George Bernard Shaw, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Sanger, Ayn Rand, Ella Baker, Arthur Fry, or the Apostle Paul.  Their legacy, their brush strokes on the world are the external results of inward passion and a drive that would not let those passions out of their view.
Passion is what drives God.  Passion for all He created - world and humanity.  He never lets that out of his vision.  Ever.
I had to look at myself.  If what I am passionate about creates in me all that I stated in paragraph one, then life has to be ordered after all those things.  Life cannot come in front of them.  Because when it does, I am out of sync.  I can feel the slant, the catch in my cog, the friction inside.  
Those above accomplished their passions because they did not step out of them.  They ordered their lives and worlds around them.  Not the other way around.

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