Presently I have many projects started.  Ne'er is one of them completely done.  That would be mostly because my personality is comprised of probably equal parts of left and right brainedness[I know Mrs. Krzyzanowski that's not a real word!]  That's my theory anyway.

My desk at home in the office is a disaster presently.  To the left of where I am penning these words is a haphazard pile of papers.  They are not stacked neatly, nor are they all the same kind of papers.  After rooting through my file baskets on the shelf next to my desk there are now a few hanging files in the pile amongst file folders, unopened mailed, things to file and a button in the little zip bag that I cut off some new article of clothing this past week. 

Draped over the chair I am sitting on are three days worth of clothing stripped off after work in haste to exit work mode immediately.  Beside me to the right side of the desk is a pile of clean unfolded lace underpants I brought up from the basement where they were hanging to dry [I do not dry them in the dryer!], a black sweater I wore to work yesterday and a book of new checks.  My closet doors are wide open.  Gifts that I need to mail to the grand kids are on the dresser top.  Three pictures are leaned up against the wall begging to be hung up.

Sometimes I cycle through messy periods.  This presently is one of them.

Outside the window I see the quirky eccentric always positive guy I hired to put in an 80 foot flagstone foot path from the deck to the garage.  He also dug out old lilac bushes and sod where I have begun my landscaping adventure.  All of them remain in process.  

The living room is sparsely decorated and prepped to be painted ceiling to floor.  The four season room just off the living room is missing the flooring which we tore out over the weekend along with the blinds and baseboard.  It is awaiting priming and painting and a hardwood floor to be laid.   All waiting patiently on us to do those things. It's a bare canvas to me and I can feel my pulse increase just thinking about creating and changing. 

The list goes on and on.  Those projects and messes are mixed in with working longer days than I want and ending up with less energy than hoped for when I climbed out of bed at 5:30 a.m.   

Creating anything is much of what I love.  I love end results, but I find the process very satisfying.  Maybe because creating comes from having an inward vision of things, or knowing what it IS going to be down the road that gives me such a rush.  For me messes feel like a work of art being formed.  I got a lot of works of art presently!

There is definitely beauty in concentric, in order, in perfect balance, in asymmetrical.  But other times, there is a wild freeing magnificence in things that are off center, a bit loose, and free.  They feel more natural.  Messes mean I always have things to work on, to create from.  That's part of my zen.

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