Boundaries are line markers of things acceptable and not acceptable.  There are both spoken and unspoken boundaries.  Laws are examples of spoken boundaries.  Most laws are there because a few needed them put into published law because they were too dumb to know that it was there already in the unspoken boundary category.  They caused the boundary to be hence forth drawn in permanent black marker - to be marked and spoken. 
Sad though that even permanent black marker boundaries don't stop some.  History documents human brutality, genocide, oppression, corruption, religious persecution, violent crime, abuse. The boundary offending list goes on and on. Current society unfortunately has boundary issues as well.  Boundary offenders have been around since Adam and Eve crossed the first one.

There's been a bit of a crime spree in our neighborhood as of late.  Because of the connectivity of social media, and the fact that our neighborhood has its own Facebook association page, we are notified of crime within our neighborhood seemingly as it happens.  Notification comes in first person at times-from those that have been criminally violated in some form, comments from other members on those posts, third person notification and as of late, police posts directly to the wall page. 

The police officer posted his recommendation to residents to keep both their front and back outside lights on every night.  He closed his post with his rank, title (Lieutenant of community affairs and social media communication), and gave appropriate contact phone numbers to report suspicious activity.  As much as I hate this over connectivity much of the time, it is a brilliant way for police to communicate with neighborhoods.

A couple weeks back we tore out a decorative cement patio block walk to make one continuous walk with flagstone.  I wasn't sure I wanted to get rid of the approximately 40 18"x8" pavers until I knew I wasn't going to re-create them into something else.  I knew I didn't want to double move them when having to mow the lawn, so they were stacked at the base of our stone wall in our driveway in the alley.

I walk by those four stacks of nine high or so pavers at least twice a day en route to the garage.  Every time I walk by them I ponder and create in my head what I may do with them after the 7' white pine tree gets planted next week.  And, it would seem every couple days I glance over to see what appears to be
shrinking stacks of pavers.

Now, my plan to reuse them has not been set in stone.  Because I have so many other projects going, those pavers are still stacked neatly.  They are way down my list of things to develop into islets of beauty somewhere on our property.  I may or may not use all, some or maybe, if my overwhelmedness continues, none of them!

None-the-less they sit on my property.  They sit on the complete opposite side of where the trash cans get set out to be picked up.  They sit neatly stacked against my stone wall.  They clearly scream these are stacked here for a purpose, a reason! 

I watched through my back door, some 80 feet from the alley and stone wall where those pavers are stacked, staring off for a few seconds before heading to work this morning.  Those few seconds were filled with thoughts; what a beautiful day, I wish I didn't have to go to work, I need to spray round up over there, get my soil barrier and mulch down before the kids come Labor Day weekend, and water those plants

My random wish list was interrupted as I saw a blue van quickly pull up to my stone wall. A woman in her 30's and nicely dressed hopped out, picked up 4 or 5 pavers, placed them on the floor behind the driver's seat, quickly climbed into her van and drove away.  I stood transfixed watching her from 80 feet away.  I wanted to run out there but somehow was just a bit shocked at what she had done.  Based on the ease that she did it, the fact that she wasn't perusing the alley on trash day, she was probably the cause of why my pile was slowing decreasing. 

Now if she, or anyone else for that matter, had walked up to the house and asked if I was planning to use them or if I wanted rid of them, I probably would have given them some.  It may have taken the pressure off me to create more work for myself with them.  But she didn't ask.  She just took.  She crossed a boundary.  And, I don't think it was the first time she had taken some either.

On my way home from dinner tonight I came down the alley from the opposite direction, the direction her van had come from.  I was looking for her van.  There it was.  She lived one block down and behind me.  We shared the same driving alley to get to our garages.  And, she was stealing my pavers. 

Tomorrow morning there will be a sign on them:


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