One of those epiphany, ah-ha, grand sink-in thoughts struck me quite poignantly last week while free thinking on a run.  What led me to this monumental thought about life in my timeline was musing about routine.  So many things in my life are repetitive and routine.  Just like yours. 

Certain repetitions and routines I choose - I purposely do them over and over again, day after day after day.  And, I like and/or love them.  I eat oatmeal everyday.  I drink coffee every day.  I talk to God everyday.  I think about our kids/grandkids and my family everyday and pray for them.  I eat peanut butter and an apple everyday.  I run and walk every day.  I go outside to spend time there everyday.  I send my husband a picture of myself everyday when he is at work.

Other repetitious routines I do because it's part of responsibility.  But I do them over and over again, day after day after day.  I make dinner.  I pack my lunch for work.  I go to work.  I go through the mail.  I put away clothes.  I straighten things up.  I peruse my surroundings to keep ahead of chaos in home improvement projects, in long term goals, in maintenance and care of things in my care.

Then, in the category of my grand sink-in thought last week, prompted by my feet methodically hitting the pavement in repetition, there is work.  My running gait highlighted the fact that theoretically I may have 19-20 more years to work at my job.  That thought was not one that fit in the category of routines I choose.  Work takes up a huge chunk of our day, our week, our year and really, our life.  To summarize the timeline of life;  birth-no work-work-work-work-work-work-work-no work-death. 

As I thought about the consuming repetition of work, and the longevity of it, I felt a bit sad and overwhelmed.  This particular consuming repetition had quite a long time left on replay.  Which, was much like the Disney ride and its mind numbing "It's A Small World After All" song that plays over and over and over while taking you through its mind numbing repetitious ride!!

I wanted off that ride and wanted that song to shut up!  What was I going to do to change that looping play list in the next 20 years?  How about in the next year?  My repetition of certain things needed to change. 

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