In the past 24 hours I found .46 cents.  That seemingly small and insignificant coin was found over two runs and a walk.  Retirement here I come!

Yesterday while running at 6:30 a.m. I found a dime, a nickel and penny grouped together where the street and curb meet.  It was mixed in with leaves and yucky indeterminable street debris. I spotted the dime, stopped to pick it up and found the nickel and penny in close proximity. I was feeling giddy from my found treasure.

Where to put it though as I had no pockets.  It's a bit uncomfortable to hold several coins in your fingers while running.  Between the looseness of my sports bra [don't really need one at all!] and my small four lane of a highway chest, I couldn't put it in my bra.  It would have entered, blown through the wide open cleavage lane through my shirt and landed back on the street where I had found it.  Not an option. My next best choice was to stick the .16 cents in my glove as far up the fingers as possible.  I carried my captured coins home that way.  And, I smiled the remainder of the run.  Simple pleasures are undeniably the best.

Just a couple days earlier I had spotted another nickel in the street on a brisk morning run.  As I stopped to pick it up [I hadn't found any coins in a couple of weeks - I was having a dry spell!] I smiled big.  Returning to an upright position, my eyes met an older lady out walking her dog.  I got so excited about my find that I held it high and hollered with excitement to her, "I found money!"  She laughed, congratulated me and then said, "Now get back to running!"  I liked her spunk and sass.

The second part of my .46 cents was found last night when I went for a walk.  It was a lone quarter laying  not quite to the mid point of the street.  I wondered how that quarter had found a resting lost place there.  It seemed that God, in His quiet language of found money that He uses with me, was reinforcing that He had me covered, He was there.  My count was up to .41 cents. Those coins had left me feeling rich and loved.

Twice in the same day I threw my heavenly found change in the basket just inside the back door.  It's where I collect the change I find when out on runs and walks.  It is a visual basket of God's assurances.

While on a different route for my run this morning I caught a glimpse of something shiny out of the corner of my left eye.  Sometimes though, with a closer look, it's just a beer top, a washer or some other doo dad .  I stopped to bend in closer to investigate.  Really I leaned in because my vision isn't so great from a distance!  There it was - a new shiny nickel.  I could hear the adding machine noise tally up the found money count in the past 24 hours to .46 cents.   I clutched it in my fingers and continued on. 

I wondered why it was that God thought I needed three separate reminders in a 24 hour period.  What was I not seeing?  What was ahead of me that I would need to recollect these small God moments, that I would need to draw from? 

Inside my purse, held in my wallet, is a small amount of loose change - change from cash transactions of this or that.  I have access to loose change daily.  There are nickels and dimes and quarters and pennies inside my wallet. They though are not the same as my found basket of coins.  The ones in my purse I deserved, they were expected and due me.  The ones I found, I did nothing to deserve or earn them.

Sometimes when running I think and do nothing else. Just think.  My thoughts are too big to do much else.  Other times on a run I think lighter and peruse the street in front of me.  Maybe I find them only if my radar is up.  Maybe they are there all the time but I just don't take the time to see them.

For as observant as a person as I am, what other things have I missed all around me because I was consumed with certain things?

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