NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY - a modern day lie

Today I said who cares to the fashion rule of wearing "no white"  after Labor Day!  Mr. Blackwell or whoever touted this bogus fashion scare [as though it were brought down from Mt. Sinai on a stone tablet as the 11th commandment], I rebuke you.  Your ban, designed to keep us from wearing white pants, skirts, dresses, or shoes on the lower half of our bodies post Labor Day, will not be adhered to by me.  I'm hoping to start a movement.
On this day, September 19th, 18 days post Labor Day with weather of 75 degrees and sun, I pulled on my white pants and felt good about it.  When do I ever really listen to the masses?  Why would I let some illogical tradition hold me hostage?  I do not care if it is really wrong, somewhat wrong, or only a perceived wrong to break the white after Labor Day rule. I was doing it and feeling great about it

I snapped this picture today and sent it to my daughter with a text, "Look at me saying who the hell cares about the fashion rule of no white after Labor Day!  Snow is white and it comes after Labor Day."  I had hoped to engage the "Hannah rage" over ridiculous things like fashion rules and boundaries.  They are hot buttons for her.  She went through a phase growing up where she purposely wore mismatched clothes.  She declared the philosophy of matching was stupid and purely made up by someone.  Instead of fashion rage over the white rule, her reply was, "You look cute!"  I was looking for her camaraderie in my rebelliousness of the white fashion rule. I got cute instead of her pithiness.
My point though, snow is white and it comes AFTER Labor day so why the ban on wearing white?  White really is the absence of color. Bright colors seem more ostentatious than does white. The greatest misfortune that might befall those white-wearing-misfits after Labor Day is possibly dirt and stains.  And why tell me, are we "allowed" to wear white shirts, scarves, and even "winter white" [a creamier version of white white] post Labor Day to Memorial Day but not white shoes or pants or dresses?  That is the dumbest thing ever!

I'm just not one that can do things that don't seem reasonable, true or even legit.  That includes abiding by the no white after Labor Day rule/suggestion/lie.  Do you want to join my movement for fashion white freedom?

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