Technology seems to take things to the fifth power, even to infinity and beyond.  The possibilities from it are endless.  That big broad platform allows almost anything and just about everything to be broadcast to the masses. No curtains.  No filters.  It's the glass house of technology.

That technological expressway subjects us all to things that we would just rather not see sometimes.  Those that use that platform for nearly everything would include the category of those pregnant or having just given birth.  It seems there is absolutely nothing private any more.  And, we are all subjected to everyone's broadcasts - including a play by play photo log of each week of pregnancy.  Those 40 weeks of posts are followed by a litany of sometimes overly graphic newborn pictures.

I gave birth to a daughter 27 years ago.  Though that technology of posting, even blogging, wasn't around back then, I didn't feel the need to even use my camera to take pictures of my belly week by week.  There was never any illusion that ever made me think anyone would want to follow my pregnancy that up close and personal, barring my husband. 

There is a deep loathing in me for social media - not the way I think it should be and was intended to be used for, but for what it is used for much of the time.  I love my personal life.  I don't need to give you a play by play on everything in it - even the biggest moments or the most difficult ones.  I love privacy.  That is the reason I don't run for public office, pursue newscasting, go on the show "Naked and Afraid", and continually sabotage myself from publishing my New York Times bestseller [overly implied sarcasm].

There is a strange generational phenomena right now with newborn pictures.  Professional photographers are hired to chronicle the newborn addition to the family.  Strange, awkward, and inappropriate shots are staged, photographed and blasted to people's social media sites. 

If I see one more mother/child, dad/newborn skin to skin shot I will have to scratch my own eyes out!  I love babies.  I rejoice when anyone has a child and begins the joy journey of parenting. I too felt that powerful emotion and connection when my own daughter was born.  What I don't need is to see ridiculous poses that were meant for private tender bonding time.   

No one wants to see a picture of a shirtless mother with a naked newborn hiding her breasts just to show the world the closeness you feel with your new baby!  Feel it, experience that richly, but keep the camera shots off social media.  Quit posting and start just being. 

Everything in life has become such a big production that it actually detracts from the magnificence of things.  Birth is big enough and majestic enough on its own.  In trying to broadcast it we lose the privacy that is part of it - the wonder of it.

Photographers have opened up a whole new market clientele base - pregnant women and newborn baby/family shots.  Please stop putting new born babies in buckets and baskets.  Stop cropping out parents' hands holding up a newborn's head giving the illusion that it can hold its own head at 2 weeks old.  And, please, please, please quit putting stupid hats on those newborns! 

If you should though, feel the need to hire a photographer, photo log your 40 weeks to birth, and then take quasi nude skin to skin shots, DO NOT POST THEM TO SOCIAL MEDIA!  Instead, make them the cover shot on your Christmas cards.

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