BLACK WAS CREATED BY GOD, and so were the principals of love, kindness and grace

I live in a woods teeming with creatures of all kinds; turkeys, fox, deer, bunnies, gray squirrels, skink lizards, wood roaches, every kind of bird I know and some I don't, snakes, eagles, coyotes, big turtles, Blue Heron, all sorts of insects including deer flies, and the most dreaded of all - the horse fly.  Teeming is an accurate word and so is plague - think biblical proportions if you can! 

The horse flies chase and bite in swarms due to the heavy foliage and nearby water. On the Eastern shore horse flies have a huge presence and long season of bullying from the end of July through September. They drive people indoors, relentlessly and viciously chase both people and cars, and loiter their biting presence all over my porch. I hate them. Greatly. They almost make me forget the beauty that is still present when they invade. What an odd dichotomy.

History shows us that same picture over and over. The darkness always seeks to destroy the beauty, the light, the good - to extinguish pure love. It's been its mode of operation since the Garden of Eden. It's not new at all in the scenery of humanity. It is none-the-less soul disappointing. Its wake is like a tornado touch down leaving ugly disfigurement all around. It feels unchangeable, insurmountable and despairing to all. Yet here we are again with another reprehensible injustice, actually several all rolled up into one.

This I do know, every person is created by God. That literally means, EVERY BLACK SKINNED PERSON! [I have always gotten lost in how we say white or black or brown when it is just a piece of who anyone is - a color of skin! No one should be defined solely by a color. It should be a descriptive adjective without emotional connotation, negative reaction, judgement or unequal treatment! Our country should be far past this short of treatment of black people! I am grieved over the continuing reality around me that shows some are not! We also then, in our support of the injustice, get miffed off criticizing words from people who support equality and black people because they didn't say it exactly right or support the right phraseology! Let's take that down a notch as well. I would surmise that some of those that say All Lives Matter do NOT mean it to avert the spotlight from the struggle of black people presently, but to say IT MOST DEFINITELY IS BLACK PEOPLE THAT MATTER and their mistreatment shows a HUGE CULTURAL PROBLEM. We fail to even give grace when support is not given as we think it should be given.If their lack of eloquence pisses you off either keep your energy focused on the bigger problem at large or just be kinder in general, please!] 

God is called Creator for a reason.  He formed us individually. Like a Picasso painting, we are His masterpiece both individually and collectively. God knew us BEFORE we were born. He called each of us by name and holds our tears in a bowl. He knows the number of hairs on each of our heads and dwells all around us. That is a vivid picture of God's sacred, intimate, respectful and deep love for for each of us - for black people. God's purposeful, creative creation of me shows how He places value, worth and importance on me, on you, on George Floyd and like it or not, those four police officers. We are not better than the least of us nor are we worse than the best of us.   

There is dignity and sanctity to every life. Usurping care and value of others, the person before us that God also created, named, called by name and holds their tears, is an offense against the Creator of us all. I wondered out loud this week how much God's heart was breaking by humanity's care of others' bodies, belongings, livelihoods, and spirits - the horror of the dismantling of empathy and respect for all things living. My heart felt that way too - heavy.

Like you, I cannot grasp or process this continued abhorration of grace, kindness and basic civility. It's too big to make a concise statement, a synopsis, to wrap it up neatly or to legislate it away. Even with a band-aid the wound is too big to be covered presently. Empathy moves us to inclusion which stems from love.  Love is respect, dignity, equality, value and care. 

Evil takes all avenues at its disposal to divide, destroy, grow and infiltrate. It uses all vehicles that can kill love, empathy, ethics, equality, and morality. Evil has a knack of taking simple things and making them complicated. It all feels huge, unstoppable at times and makes me very sangry (combo of deep sadness and anger). This I know, life was created by God.  And LIVES matter greatly.  Period.  

In my anger, outrage and great sadness over George Floyd's murder, I also need to be reminded that evil can be redeemed - it's destruction can be repurposed.That is where grace enters most elegantly, at the point of worse to make it right. 

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