Existential Funk, is that a good book title?

I've been ponderously loitering about a book title. A title with some humorous ah-ha irony, a hook teaser, a well written tag purposely intended to sidebar a peruser into stopping to meander inside the cover. 

I can spend hours and hours in a bookstore. There are so many books published that I cannot even begin to sort through them. A good title and artwork on the cover will draw me in immediately. Many a good book probably has been overlooked by me for lack of both.

There are copious notes everywhere  -  in my phone, whirling in my brain, stuffed in a file folder - all with phrases for book titles. I've yet to hit THE one that might embody the mass of shit that has taken up residence on paper and that likewise, rattles in my soul and brain.

Very similar is this willy-nilly intuitive way of seeking a book title to the way I decorate, remodel, read/connect to people, and cook. I feel my way to the know. It might be different than your ways. It is my BEST way to do my BEST of most anything. Since it's not a scientific planned methodical practice, getting to the destination takes some simmer time. 

Some people might write the entire book and then grapple with a title. I have volumes and volumes written in finished form, extraneous thoughts written in blurbs, etc, but my rapid always firing mind needs to bracket my thoughts with a title. It's quite possibly ass backwards technically. This leaves me no doubt why math came hard for me - no interpretation or intuition necessary. I'm not internally corded in that fashion. Just ask Mr. Walters, my high school algebra teacher. 

I recently found a note in my phone that is long enough to be 3 chapters in a book. It would appear I was enlightened out on my runs and walks.  It most definitely needs a title, a rein to order it all.

My title buffet runs the gamment depending on the day and thoughts I find myself stuck in. I have had some very deep and rough periods in my life. But, I have also had some hysterical encounters, situations and observations of things. And I believe there is irony and humor even in tragedy. It's what has kept me sustained! My titles showcase both.

In no particular order, book titles I have accumulated . . . 

My Book of Random Overthinking 

Oprah Laughs Like My Aunt Lois

The Diary of An Overthinker

Playing On The Big Screen, But Without An Audience

The Millimeter Between Chaos and Order

The Undoing

Where's My Renaissance - I'm Not Wearing Chemise Either!

God Lives In A Field

[My] Existential Funk 

The Magnificent Me Monster

The Unraveling

Perfect Never Comes, So Don't Wait

My Last Revival

A Bull Fight With Joy

I Don't Want To Take A Deli Number

The Day I Stopped Contemplating

That Is Quite A Statement

Lower Your Standard

Grief Demands An Answer

Of Jugs and Trunks, an apology on aging

Broken Twigs

You Need An Invite To My Island

The Rantings Of A Menapausal Woman

Everything You Need To Know About Aging But Can't Hear If You're Under 45

When There's No Room For Laughter

Exhaling Under A Blanket

The Chronicles Of Crazy

Letting My Crazy Out

Who Needs The Cinema - an anthology of real life characters

I'm Gonna Die With The Dishwasher Full

My Dingy Has A Hole In It

Who Decides What Normal Is...the same people who say we can't wear white after Labor Day!

How To Make A Shit Sandwich

We Are All Othello

LeaderSHIT [this one my eldest sister and I have been wanting to write for 25+ years]

So You Think I Look Like Toni Collette

Don't Get Out Of The Car

I Hate Socks

I keep thinking, what title would I pick up to read?

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