Who Said What Normal Is!

My granddaughter asked over FaceTime if I would read her a book, specifically the book, Odd Velvet.  The hardback, slick-covered, former old library book I had long ago picked up at a garage sale is likewise a favorite of mine too!

The main character's name is Velvet. The illustrations, colorful and whimsical, are over exaggerated in proportionality to match the bigness of Velvet's character. Velvet, a new student at school, seems odd to all. 

Odd is a by-product of believing there is a set code to normal. She didn't operate in the same way as others - clothes, food, what she spoke about, how she and her family lived. 

The story follows a fairly predictable, though nuanced new way, of re-telling a principle of importance. NORMAL IS MADE UP! Velvet pays no mind to even noticing that others think she is odd. She is obliviously, confidently content in her skin and thrives in her Velvet world.

I think we all have odd, crazy, peculiar blips in us. I most definitely do and always have!! That alone makes us all odd normal. The key is to be a Velvet - deeply real and undeniably authentic in who we are, what we want, and how we seek to live ourselves out loud. Internal discord in me comes when I violate those three things over and over and then build on the suppression of those things with decisions in creating a life. From my real life experience, it always leads to not fully realizing my whole pukka self and living with underlying regrets.

It is the one big regret I have - to not have been able to be truly authentic from an emerging age, that I didn't fight more for who I knew I was and what I wanted. I do not though, look at my life and discount even my not fully authenticate spaces on my timeline. I love the me I am!   . . . forged now in part from the inauthentic path and choices I made for some years.  

Eventually everyone comes to see Odd Velvet as yes, still odd, but that odd is good and normal should be cast to a pit of no return. Who says what normal is, what typical, average or predictable needs to be?? Conforming to arbitrary normal is not where we greatly flourish.

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