The Camaraderie of Tchotchkes

I saw it again this morning while out on my daily leg tour of my neighborhood. It's been building all around the neighborhood since a week before Thanksgiving. Christmas yard paraphernalia are sprouting everywhere. 

This morning I took them in. Why I wondered, do people flock to do the work to decorate, in grand volumes sometimes, their out-of-doors space with lights, blow ups, bows, wood figures and the like. I marvelled at it again this year. My minimalistic style shudders just a bit.

It would appear, in this our current state of division, angst and intolerance, there would be no event/function/holiday that could possibly unite us as Christmas does. Despite our in-fighting, opinions, internal friction, "Christmas Vacation" still shows up in people's yards this time of year, even those whose leaves and mowers appear to be broken on continual basis. They come in all sorts of styles, in varying degrees of creativity, blinking, twinkling, sparkling things placed neatly and precisely, even many times haphazardly about.

The time and energy folks expend for these yard tchotchkes, or at the very least for peace with their wives, leaves me baffled. I do have some small appreciation for the glowing lights and doo dangles on my treks into the great outdoors during the cold, dark, early mornings of the holiday season. It's a warming, unifying, connecting-to-all=humanity feel. It sadly disappears by mid January each year. It would help me greatly if all could leave them up until the time change in the Spring!

Not everyone who decorates their yard for Christmas believes in the Savior of the season the decorations really signify. Yet, the pause and turn toward Christmas creates a larger season of goodwill, commonality, connectedness through glowing lights, trees sparkling through the window and yard blow ups. It tells me we can do it - share something together within our collective humanity. We can focus on the things we have in common instead of highlighting the differences. 

I say loudly, though I do not like outdoor junkie Christmas doo dads in yards stylistically anyway . . . tchotchke up to create goodwill that outlasts Christmas. May the world see, whether consciously or not, that it is The Christ in Christmas that causes the world to stop and celebrate what it may or may not understand is the reason for the lights and the tchotchkes.

Not my house:) Ever. 

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