Flinging Funny

She says it every time, "You are so funny!"  This week the waiting room wait garnered me two quick, back-to-back emphatically reiterated you are so funny, you are so funny declarations from her. I feel zenish flinging the funny.

Most of the time I cannot abide in the heavy things long without dipping my quips in funny or silly. It's the bookend to the other very deep emotional side I carry. 

Whether I could be a stand-up comedian or not, my sister Jeanne and random strangers make me feel like I could. I'm really not trying to "perform", rather I'm just taking those near me on my mental ride to the lighter side with a few words. And, once you laugh, I will keep you there suspended in a carefree, in-the-moment, lightweight laughter that makes you forget the heavy. Laughter feeds my soul, both yours and mine! It's my number one love language. 

I love to watch comedians, particularly the ones that do observational humor without resorting to fuck this or fuck that. Though a swear word well placed doesn't offend and can bracket something well, it can't be the noun of the humor or the cadence of the entire alliteration.  Funny is a sort of unrecognized brilliance. Funny intelligence.

My granddaughter ranks people in order of funny. She rates herself first (she is a funny kid in more ways than just humor alone) but tells me I am one second below her in being the funniest. Her order is;  herself, me (her Nana), her dad, her Boppy (her grandpa/my husband Doug), followed by her mom. Her funny rankings are one of our regular topics of conversation. I feel the need to regularly check in to be sure my standing is still high.

I cannot relate to people who are all business. I also cannot quell my interjection of light hearted humor at times. Occasionally I have tossed humor to that overly serious person and have found it has been wasted on them. Humor is precious and should NOT be squandered on those unable to be fully in it. Someone at my work recently told me that I can get by with saying things to others that most people could not because I take them to humor.  She's on to me:)

Regarding my own death, I have sworn my sisters to a pact that only humor and realism is allowed at any Nancy post death service/meal/memorial. Mourning for me must be met with the biggest measure of humor that you can bring about me. I would not want sorrow to engulf those I love without humor to balance it. My highest joy would be to know that you all had a funny Nancy story that is chiseled in your hearts!

I recently fell out of a chair DURING a job interview. Those close to me asked me later if I was embarrassed. NOPE! I am lacking the embarrassment gene. Even while flopping onto the floor I was giggling and telling myself what a great story this is. Side note; though I fell out of my chair onto the floor DURING that interview they offered me the job. I am convinced it was my humor over it that got me the job offer.

Funny is not dependent on the lack of heaviness in life either. Quite possibly, it is interdependent on it. Funny is the solid in the shiftingness of all things. I will continue to fling funny about. It's part of my mantra to leave all things beautiful.  And, funny is a beautiful thing.

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