I was supposed to be a boy according to my parents.  Nathaniel.  I came out a girl.  Nancy Lynn.  With a wild love of the out-of-doors, directly due to the fact that my mom locked me and my two sisters outside during the summer months so she could clean, nature is where I feel most content.  I haven’t worn pantyhose in at least 10 years and seldom wear socks.  Reverence and irreverence run passionately parallel through all of me.  My free-spirited ways allow people to just be who they are.  Random strangers seem to love to tell me their life stories, say I look like Susan Anton (a has been actress), or hold my hands.  I have continually been nominated for “Funniest Person In The Family” award, though always tying for it with my daughter, Hannah.  Doug & I are an EHarmony.com success story with 30 days to the altar!  He is the Love of my life!  We have 3 beautiful daughters and equally great sons-in-law, along with 4 grandkids, and two grand dogs.